Sirkus Supiainen

Visual perfromances with thoughts.

Sirkus Supiainen is finnish contemporary circus company founded in 1997. We operate widely in rich field of performing arts.

Sirkus Supiainen`s performances combines circus, theatre, puppetry and performance art. We are open minded and we love to break boundaries between arts. We believe in traveling against current. We believe in constant exploring and love.

Our company´s name means small shrew. They, like us, live fast and with passion and are in constant investigation of  habitat.

Sirkus Supiainen uses aliases like Karhuryhmä, Cirque Soricidae, Sirkus Onni, Seppo Koistinen Company.

Sirkus Supiainen is founded by juggler Samuli Männistö and set designer Laura Poranen. At the moment our company has 12 members. Sirkus Supiainen organizes diverse circus, juggling and art camps and courses around Finland. It has also high class youth circus activity.

Sirkus Supiainen organizes circus, juggling and art festivals. The largest juggling festival in Europe, European Juggling Convention, was organized by Sirkus Supiainen in 2010 in Joensuu, Finland.