Samuli Männistö

Samuli Männistö is a juggler and circus teacher. He has directed many circus and theatre   performances to different companys since 1997. He has teached juggling and balancing in  Theatre Academy, Turku Polytechnic High/ Circus School, Circus Helsinki, etc. Männistö has
also written Graphic juggling notation and diabolo stategraph notation system. At the moment he is doing his MA studies in Theatre Academy, Helsinki.

<a href=””>Samuli at Berlin 2010</a>

<a href=””>Samuli at VÄS2009</a>

<a href=””>Samuli and Jouni at Lahti2009</a>

<a href=””>Samuli at EJC2008</a>

<a href=””>monobolo2007</a>

Laura Poranen

Laura Poranen is set designer (MA) and puppet maker.  At the moment she is working  for Teatteri Hevosenkenkä.