Karhuryhmä made it’s first performance 2009.  At the moment Karhuryhmä has new production coming. The new project is titled The Persistence of Loss

Samuli Männistö: circus artist and director

Laura Poranen: set designer (MA), puppet maker and juggler. She also works as circus teacher and visual theatre performer.

Vespa Laine: light designer (MA)


Pain, yearning and high class juggling.

Director: Samuli Männistö

Performer: Samuli Männistö

Set and costume design: Laura Poranen

Light design: Vespa Laine

Music: King Missile/ John S. Hall

Production: Sirkus Supiainen

The King Missile is based on sharp text and lyrics of American poet John S. Hall.

The King Missile is raw contemporary circus with deep content. It speaks out social facts about our every day life. It’s ironic, touching and ugly in elegant way. The King Missile is visual circus performance with high class juggling and object manipulation.

The King Missile is a collage, an ironic view inside a man’s head. It is full of severed thoughts. It brings together thoughts about pain, poetry, music and circus.

The King Missile launches and strikes and as always with deathly weapons, someone ends up bleeding.

The performance has been supported by:

Finnish Cultural Foundation Regional fund of Uusimaa, Arts Council of Finland

The King Missile was first performed on the 11th of June 2009 in Korjaamo Theatre,

in Korjaamo Culture Factory, Helsinki, Finland.

Other appereances:

Bestkyst festival, Stavenger, Norway 2009

Turku, Finland 9. -11.4. 2010

Theatrescene festival Cologne, Germany 22.5. -29.5.2010

531 -festival of new juggling, Helsinki, Finland 23.10.2010

Vitus- festival, Rovaniemi, Finland 14.11.2010