Samulis other projects

From here you can find information about performances that have involved Samuli Männistö in one way or other, basicly projects that have been done on payroll from somebody.

Nosta Luiset Nyrkkisi kuin antennit kohti taivasta (Lift your skinny fists like antenas up to heaven)

Set design, script and directed by: Samuli Männistö

Light design: Marko Kallela

Performers: Jarmo Humalajärvi, Aleksi Laurila, Sami Suominen, Pekka laamanen, Lauri Koskinen, Lasse Piironen

‘Männistö is one of the pioneers of Finnish experimental juggling, so it is no suprise that everything in this performance is done un-obvious way.’  -Jussi Tossavainen, HS arvio 6.4. 2008


Direction, script, set design and light design by: Samuli Männistö

Light tecnician: Marko Kallela

Performers: Rauni Koskinen, Tommi Hinkkanen

graduation work  of  Rauni Koskinen from Turku University of Apllied Sciences 2007

Sirkus Lumière

Turku University of Apllied Sciences/Circus and  ja Turku city theatre:

Direction and scrip by: Samuli Männistö,

Set design: Samuli Männistö ja Laura Poranen,

Light design: Timo Ollila,

Music: Antti Hynninen,

Video-projections: Lasse Ilano,

Costume design: Marjo Haapasalo,

Koreography: Minna Karesluoto,

Make up: Heidi Klaavuniemi.

Premiere 29.11.2006 Turku city theatre main stage.

‘the performance is ambitious contemporary circus, which does not stray on narrative paths, but focuses on the essentials.’ – Kaisa Kurikka, Turun Sanomat 2.12.2006

Memo /Agit-cirk (

Directed by: Samuli Männistö
Script: Samuli Männistö, Matti Selin
Set design: Laura Poranen
Light design: Eero auvinen
Costumes: Kitte Klemettilä
Grafics: Ossi Hiekkala
Performers: Matti Selin ja Sampo Kurppa

Toni Valta uncovered

Direction and scrip by: Samuli Männistö

Costumes: Kitte Klemettilä

Light design: Jankke Laaksonen

Video: Antti Kulmala

graduation work  of  Toni Valta from Turku University of Apllied Sciences 2006

‘ Samuli Männistö, who is charge of direction and script, has boldly used the personality of Toni Valta as a base for this performance, comedy is  mainly self ironic. In particular, the use of clubs with a video retrospective of the artist, combined with live comments, titillate. There’s nothing to criticize in this three quarters long performance.’ Erkki Kanerva, Turun sanomat

Jakob, story of the holster cowboy /circus ruska

Script by: Samuli Männistö, Petteri Jakobsson
Directed by: Samuli Männistö
Performer: Petteri Jakobsson
Music: Ennio Morricone
Lighting design: Eero Auvinen
Costumes: Kitte Klemettilä
duration: 37min

“Metaphor of most touring artists”This show reveals the dark side of touring artist. This show is the Jekyll and Hyde of circus.You will see the holster cowboy who will entertain anyone anywhere in any given time. He is the man you most likely see in German varieties or in traditional circuses.
Unfortunately there is also Jakob, person behind the holster cowboy, a person who’s sharing same skills and body with cowboy but who you don’t see that often. Jakob is a person who is little shy and lonely. He knows that everybody loves holster cowboy but how about him…

premiere: 5-3-1 Festival of new and experimental juggling Helsinki, Finland 23.10.2004

Art Group Epilä

Art Group Epilä was Founded in Epilä, Tampere at 2003. It is company of three circus artists. It fas founded because there is serious need  for art circus art. Until now, they have done only one performance, but they talk yearly about making a new version of it.

Members of the company are: Samuli Männistö, Matias Salmenaho, Aleksi Isomäki.

Taidetta, viihdettä, jongleerausta?

Is this art, entertainment or juggling? Where do we draw a line? Does it include everything or nothing at all? Fact is that this show isn’t kind of circus you have seen. 3 world class circus performers will give you an experience you won’t forget. This is circus where the skill isn’t everything. This isn’t a story with circus tricks or a story and circus tricks. This is story where all the circus technique is there just to support narrative. “Taidetta, viihdettä, jongleerausta?” is a strong portrait of Finnish man.
Direction: Samuli Männistö ja työryhmä
Performers: Samuli Männistö, Matias Salmenaho, Aleksi Isomäki
Light design: Eero Auvinen
Duration: 30min

Monobolo project 2007

Make you diabolo spin like spinning top without losing a posibility to use it as a regular diabolo.

Well this thing happened few years back as well, might be three as well. Long time ago anyway. I was thinking of building an act in a way they have these plate acts. Plates just keep on spinning on poles. I basicly wanted to replicate that but with spinning top diabolos they used in China. I didn’t know where to get that kind of diabolos so I thought I need to find someone to make me a one. I knew already that Jürgen had made great axle kits for Henry’s diabolos so I sent e-mail to him and asked if he could make me a one I wanted. Jürgen got interested and it didn’t take too much time to get prototype from him. First this thing was called single sided diabolo but at FDC2007 it got new improved name ‘Monobolo’ It’s a great toy. Every diabolist needs at least one.

Well I still haven’t built the platespinning type act with Monobolos but this is video I made for Jürgen just to show that the toy he made for me worked fine.